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The Gospel has the power to change everything. But more than one third of the world's population has little or no access to it.  

Wait, what?

MOBILIZING WORKERS, transforming lives

Devna's remote mountain community had no explanation for her spiritual attacks, let alone a cure. Then one day, foreigners gave her...books.



Yande’s mom gave her up when she was only two, assuming she’d never walk. Six years later, at age eight, “never” arrived...


Hero Pastors of Ukraine Share GOD'S LOVE 

“A sniper can shoot and anything can happen.” Adelina hates the war ravaging her hometown in Ukraine. But guess who's jumping in to help?




Today, more than 1/3 of the world’s population has little or no access to the good news of Jesus. And that number grows by about 60,000 every day. Unless we drastically increase the number of workers being mobilized, these billions will live and die without ever having the chance to hear and see the Gospel spoken and lived out

SOLUTION: Focus on the unreached

While more than 95% of missions spending goes toward the 2/3 of the world's population who already have local access to the Gospel, what about the remaining 1/3? OM's mission is 100% focused on these people, the least reached.


The traditional missionary-sending model can no longer keep up with the dramatic growth in the number of unreached people in the world today.

SOLUTION: Accelerate worker mobilization

You can help right now. OM is innovating new methods to dramatically change the face of missions, but this movement needs many more partners like you to succeed. Together, we’re mobilizing people from places once seen as "mission fields," equipping local believers to teach and disciple others. We're also opening doors for westerners to serve in new roles. By joining in God’s work, we can see transformational change take place for billions living and dying without the hope of Jesus.

"Prayer is at the heart of the action and a worldwide prayer movement must run parallel with any kind of worldwide mission movement."
—George Verwer, OM Founder

The work is far from over

Because nearly 3 billion people breathe in and out every day without knowing their very Breath of Life, we sense great urgency to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers take root, flourish, and multiply among the unreached. What do you believe the Gospel changes?

We're certain it changes everything.

Join us, as together we...


We mobilize workers to live out the Gospel in a variety of authentic and sustainable ways that resonate in each unique local context.


Meeting physical needs demonstrates the Good News in action. OM workers care for communities by offering medical, agricultural, educational, and refugee assistance, among others.


We distribute Bibles and use broadcast media, community events, one-on-one conversations, dance, and other approaches to share the message of God's love with every person we meet.


To exponentially multiply vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached, we equip regional leadership to grow and sustain local fellowships. These transform the world.

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For more than 60 years, OM has been working to grow vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

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Our workers and partner ministries share the Good News in places where people have little or no access to it.


Believing everyone, in every place, is valuable, OM workers can be found in every context from booming, modern cities to quiet, rural villages.

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God is moving, using OM as part of a global movement that has made the Gospel accessible to countless millions of people in the last 60 years.

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The time is now. Billions will live and die without experiencing the love of Jesus, and God is calling for our response. Your gift today will be put to immediate use to mobilize more workers and share the Gospel in its transformative power to change everything.

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